Service Management Dynamix, LLC

As of November 1, 2017, Keith Sutherland and Butch Sheets are employees of Logicalis and will no longer be accepting business as Service Management Dynamix, LLC. We want to thank all who have contributed to our success during the eight plus years that we were independent business owners. It was a difficult decision to stop working on our own. However, it was a decision that was in the best interest of Keith and Butch moving forward to join an organization that values our expertise and wants to complement their product and service offerings by also introducing a robust and mature Service Management capability. It has been our pleasure to have shared our experience and best practice knowledge with our many valued customers and learners. If there are questions about the impact our decision has on the relationship we have developed with you over the years or you want to understand the motivation in our decision, do not hesitate to contact either of us. As a provider of Service Management services, Logicalis can be a resource for you, and Keith and Butch are positioned to help in your continued Service Management efforts through Logicalis, if appropriate. Thank you for your support and consideration.

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LJ ‘Butch’ Sheets or